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Fidall loyalty cards


Never have the right loyalty card on you at checkout after shopping in your favorite store? 
With Fidall, save all your loyalty cards on your mobile, simply click to sign up for a selection of new cards and avoid filling out the same questionnaire over and over again.

Fidall lets you check your points balance for a selection of different stores and all in a single interface!

Thanks to its location based service feature, Fidall displays a map indicating where your favorite stores are so that you never miss out on their special offers.

In addition, create a backup for all of your cards by registering either on the Fidall app or website, both are perfectly synchronized.

From time to time, Fidall sends you special deals corresponding to your specific loyalty cards so they always suit your needs perfectly. 

Finally, Fidall is compatible with the Samsung Wallet App : You can centralize your loyalty cards there, with other mCoupons or transportation tickets.

Fidall also displays the bar code corresponding to your card number: Some readers are too outdated but with Fidall the checkout operator can still enter the number manually.

Fidall is the most comprehensive app available, save yourself time at checkouts, never miss out on rewards or special deals on your loyalty cards and sign up for new cards easily.